Competition Ends : 25th, March

How to join the competition

Simple Steps to Participate



TRON is now listed in all the top exchanges . To celebrate all of our current exchanges listing ,we have committed a total of 100,000,000 TRX to give away to our fans worldwide.
Every person can participate; In order to be eligible, users must have minimum 10,000 TRX during the competition period. All Qualifying users will split a pool of 100,000,000 TRX.

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To participate you just need to send between 10,000 TRX to 1,000,000 TRX to the contribution address and we will immediately send you back between 50,000 TRX to 5,000,000 TRX.
You get 5 times what you deposit between 50,000 TRX to 5,000,000 TRX to the address you sent it from.For example if you send 30,000 TRX, you will be airdropped 150,000 TRX back.

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What is TRX?



TRONIX is a MainNet token based on the TRON Protocol issued by TRON Foundation, known as TRX.TRX is the basic unit of accounts on the TRON blockchain.

The value of all other tokens derives from that of TRON. TRX is also a natural medium currency for all TRC-based tokens.TRX connects the entire TRON ecosystem, with abundant application scenarios that power transactions and applications on the chain.

TRON TRX competition- 100,000,000 TRX GIVEAWAY!

Hightest Competitors

Top 8 Competitors

The tables shows the most TRX contributed in the competition. Join the table by contributing higher than anyone on the table to increase your earnibgs.
Address Block Status Age Value
TALUYF8QPdbhx... 11408541 CONFIRMED 1 week ago 923,629 TRX
TMSomtQWthQXFH... 11302729 CONFIRMED 1 week ago 727,133 TRX
TSMeDkfmX6m1NZ... 11075238 CONFIRMED 2 days ago 727,132 TRX
TLb3C8vLT4VnwXd... 10967421 CONFIRMED 1 day ago 719,280 TRX
TRNN969Yjr2wMfw... 10967415 CONFIRMED 2 hours ago 218,887 TRX
TFa1ZrdWJTvK2j9... 10967412 CONFIRMED 4 days ago 87,132 TRX
THQwc2KgFryinfXG... 10874280 CONFIRMED 5 days ago 79,280 TRX
TRA52UTDxPFudgFL... 10589776 CONFIRMED 1 week ago 28,887 TRX